Rufus ebook cover.jpg

RUFUS is...

"a nightmare for the woke..."

"a thousand amps of psycho-spiritual shock therapy for restless readers..."

"a horror story for the burning times..."

"a novel that goes 'there,' that dark place in every soul where the blue-tail flies buzz and the cottonmouths hiss, in a swamp called Hell's Back Forty, where the boogeyman lurks..."

Other Books by Jeff Lowe

"The Book of Cain is a coming-of-(r)age story like no other."

"The awful monstrosity of the river cat makes The Book of Cain a fish story of BIBLICAL proportions."

"A classic American tall tale that plays the tension between the sacred and the profane like a guitarist bending notes from gospel hymns to dirty blues."


"With The Relic, Jeff Lowe splices a sea story with a Christmas story to create something brand new, like a baby born in a lifeboat, tossed by a winter storm, in the middle of the night."

"By reviving the tale of Krampus, The Relic breathes new life into the phrase "between the devil and the deep blue sea."

"This is not just a novel.  It's a poem.  And a prayer."