We've added a new gallery. Cabinalia will feature pics of the Little White Cabin and its bonnie surrounds, with a wholesome dose of God's handiwork to beautify our otherwise earthen artistry. (Click up on the "Look" menu and wiggle your way there.) We'll add pics as we find'em or take'em, so dinna be shy! Come on by ever oncet in a while! (While you're here, be a chum and a lover of literature and buy a book!)

A ship there is, and she sails the sea She's loaded deep, as deep can be But not so deep as the love I'm in And I know not how I sink or swim ~(from "The Water is Wide")

Media: silver threads and gold flakes on linen.

Well, we've added a new page for image galleries for your viewing pleasure. Starting with "Portrait(s) of the Artist as a Jung Man," which exposes some of the archetypes that pester the writer of fiction like flashers in an alley, and "Scenes from a Long Dash" featuring original art by Yerz-T, our artist in residence at the Little White Cabin. Click on over and explore.