Oscar Bronx's inaugural podcast of A New York Yankee in the Heart of Dixie is now available on iTunes. If you have an iPhone, just open the podcast app and search for it by the name of the podcast or by Oscar's name. It's also on Soundcloud.

I really want to recommend that you give it a listen, even if you don't consider yourself a podcast kind of person. I think you'll enjoy it. Oscar's straightforward, heartfelt delivery has a natural, spontaneous feel that I find captivating. It amazes me that this is the first time he's even attempted such a thing. And the story itself is fascinating; it leaves me both satisfied and hungry for the next episode.

The best place to get it is right here at littlewhitecabin.com. Just click on this link to go straight to the episode page. Then stream it or download it to enjoy at your leisure.

Thank you, second, and all the black gang grease monkeys and deck apes and hash slingers at the Little White Cabin for the welcome and the opportunity to host this podcast.

Man, it was like drawing a straight flush when I discovered that the second (Jeff) had set up shop in Randolph County, not far from the catfish restaurant I’ve come to call home. There’s nothing like an old friendship rekindled after, what, 35 years apart. Beautiful.

Oh, and for you landlubbers out there, I refer to Jeff as “second” because he was second assistant engineer on the ship where we met so long ago. Here at the Little White Cabin he’s the “Big Boss” so I’ll have to get used to calling him boss (and he’ll have to get used to hearing it; he hates that stuff).

Let me sign off this post with a couple recommedations: first, listen to my podcast, A New York Yankee in the Heart of Dixie; second, go to Amazon and buy Jeff’s book, The Book of Cain. Marvelous, marvelous read.

Don’t be a stranger. Come visit often.


Here at the Little White Cabin we're celebrating the launch of our new podcast, A New York Yankee in the Heart of Dixie, hosted by Oscar Bronx. Oscar survived a hellish childhood in New York City to chart an admirable course through life as a merchant seaman, cook, professional poker player, and private investor. During what he describes as a spiritual crisis, he heard the call to "go South," so he left the Big Apple and found his way to love, a home, and a new career as "The Catfish King of East Alabama."

When he accidentally happened upon an article about the Little White Cabin and The Book of Cain in the newspaper, he realized he had sailed with me (Jeff Lowe) on a couple of ships a whole lotta years ago, so he came by for a surprise visit. Oscar's a raconteur of the first order, and we're elated to bring him aboard as a podcast host. In the first episode he talks about the fascinating path he's taken to wind up here, and he also offers his take on The Book of Cain.

Please stop by and give it a listen. It's free. He has his own page at littlewhitecabin.com, where we offer the podcast (here) for streaming or download. You can also find it on Soundcloud (here), and soon you'll be able to get it on iTunes.