I was walking the dogs in the loblollies this morning when I saw this peculiar sight. The top of a dead pine had broken off, likely in a gust of wind, and fallen perhaps 50 feet to impale itself into the ground, perfectly vertically. As if God were playing mumblypeg and won the round, and now the devil has to pull the spear out of the ground with his teeth. Meanwhile, mother nature sits and giggles because an unlucky field mouse was crouching exactly in that spot under the pine straw and never saw it coming.

A friendly game of mumblypeg in the woods.

I've converted all the PreSonus files into MP3s and my cover artist is set to deliver an audiobook cover this weekend, so if all goes well, next week will see the release of the Audible version of The Book of Cain. Reckon I shoulda gone to the doc to see about this bronchitis or pneumonia or whatever it is that's been tyrannizing my upper chest and belaboring my breathing. But no. I'm a dude. Ride her out. Meanwhile, important projects go hungry.

Check out this pluperfect example of my crackerjack representation of the audiobook:

Earphones on the book. Like you can listen to it. Come to think of it I shoulda put the earphones on my head and the wire into the book. Duh. Well, too late now.

Hi, folks. A little bleg on the blog, if you don't mind. There's nothing like a bunch of good reviews on Amazon or Goodreads to help make The Book of Cain a success. So if you've read and enjoyed the book, and you'd like to help a friendly (and dashing) new author, please click on over to the Amazon and/or Goodreads page and drop a review. Only takes a minute and it will mean a lot to the future of the Little White Cabin as a publisher, and to me as a working writer.

Here's the link for Amazon Here's the link for Goodreads

Also, following me as an author on Amazon or Goodreads can be a big help, so I'd appreciate that as well. (It only takes a click. Really! Try it, it's fun!)

Oh, and if you already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can get The Book of Cain for free (well, as part of the subscription, anyway).

Remember, it's quick, it only takes a click... GO!