Friends and family--especially those who are on my FB friends list--may be the victims of Amazon's scurrilous bias against family support, as the monstermonopoly seems to be rejecting your reviews on the Amazon page for The Book of Cain. If you find Bezos being such a bum to you, you might want to trip on over to, where you should be able to leave a review without any problem (even though that site is owned by Amazon, I think).

It's actually a good site for anyone who loves books and wants to discuss or review them. So go ahead and sign up for a free goodreads account, look me up, follow me as an author, and drop a nice review of The Book of Cain. Here's the book's link.

It has been a wonderful, exciting time for us here at the Little White Cabin, what with launching our website and our debut novel, The Book of Cain. But for now let us pause to remember that terrible day in 2001 when the enemies of life and liberty committed a massacre of innocents on our soil. Let us remember the dignity and worth of the lives that were lost. Let us ever nurture the moral backbone it takes to be "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

God bless America.

Little White Cabin has done crunk out its first work of art, a novel called The Book of Cain. Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats (get your copy now!), it has, in addition to a great story, hands-down the most outstanding cover art you'll see, thanks to the artistic talents of Ava Lowe. And this here website is the work of Armida Lowe, who also edited the novel and provided the social-media chops to get us up and running through that weird and weedy carnival. Please hang around, check us out, and keep coming back. We've got a lot of terrific stuff in the hopper, including a novella called The Relic that'll be out just in time for the Christmas shopping season, and a lot more music and marvels.