In the early 1950's a young woman from a poor family in western Nebraska joined the Navy to escape a short, abusive marriage. Her older brothers (she was the eleventh of twelve siblings) had served in World War II and were dead-set against her joining, so she got a young cousin to drive her to Chicago to enlist on the sly.

She became a hospital corpsman and among the first WAVES to serve aboard ship. One of those ships was the USNS General William O. Darby, a troopship operated by the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS).

She met a handsome junior officer, a young man from a poor family in eastern Alabama who had served in the Navy and fought in the Battle of Okinawa. Ever after, he would joke that they had to lead him up the gangway of this first ship by making him hold on to plow handles.

They fell in love, got married, had three sons, raised their family far from their home states in places like New Jersey and the Panama Canal Zone before retiring to the old farmstead in Alabama. This is what they looked like shortly before the old man died in 2013.

Their life together was not one of sweet wedded bliss, of course. It was more like one of those ships that has its share of rust and corrosion, of crew grumblings occasionally bordering on mutiny, of close calls in storms and traffic. But the vessel was seaworthy and, like the Darby, its cargo was human, and infinitely precious to them.

Their vow was "til death do you part," and so it was. The point is not to be perfect. It is to be seaworthy.

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It's a powerful place, the Farcebook news feed, innit?

called a place "home" that is not a place anymore

made pea shooters from the long, hollow stems of papaya leaves, and cut long stalks of yellow bamboo with a machete to build forts that could withstand papaya bombs

Boy Scouted on a trail built by the conquistador Vasco Nunez de Balboa, camped in old Army surplus canvas pup tents with bullet holes from unknown WWII battles, and dined on k rations, complete with little packs of chocolates and cigarettes

kicked huge venomous toads across the lawn until they were skin-bags of bones and mush, back into the sewer from which they came

ate bunches of guinups and boxes of Chinese plums, never worrying about the rat hairs the mothers warned were in there

had a nice little Panamanian maid who spoke no English and made big pots of arroz con pollo while stirring a hormonal stew that could only be eaten by hand

paddled a cayuco in Gatun Lake and surfed at Rio Mar and Tits Beach, so named for its voluptuous break, only to find the car trunk burgled and unwarranted blame laid on his skinny shoulders

ran barefoot across blistering black iron sand that you could pick up with a magnet

saw both oceans on a clear day from the top of Baru

got wasted on lil green devils and Panama Red and yearned for that girl, you know the one, the blond with the heavenly rack and the horned rim glasses

saw a friend, no more than a budding teen, run off into the slummy wilds of Panama City, never to come back, because he got wasted on Manchild in the Promised Land

waited for the little Panamanian pin boys to set up the pins before bowling the next frame

never considered the strange blessing of it all