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If you're a fan of Jeff Lowe's books and would like to spread the word, here's how:

On Amazon:

1) Post a good review.  Good reviews sell books, and the more, the merrier.  You don't have to have bought the book on Amazon to post a review of it.  And you don't have to leave your full name attached to the review if you don't want to.  You can edit your account name to any alias you want. (for example, "Suzie Q" or "Elmer from Nebraska")

Go here for Rufus: Review Rufus

Go here for The Book of Cain: Review The Book of Cain

Go here for The Relic: Review The Relic

2) "Follow this author."  On the book's page or Jeff's author page, you can choose to follow the author, and Amazon will automatically notify you as soon as a new book is published.  Find the button and click it.  (It's right under Jeff's mugshot on his author's page.)

Go here to follow Jeff Lowe on Amazon

On Facebook:

1) Write a nice review on our Facebook page Click "Reviews" on the main menu and it'll take you to where you can write a review.  Click "YES" to recommend Little White Cabin.

2) "Like" and "Share" the book you read.  Click "Shop" in the main menu, then click on the book.  Click the like button, and then the share button and share it with your friends.

3) "Like" the Little White Cabin page.  At the top right of this page you'll see the Facebook "F" icon.  Click it and it'll take you to our Facebook page.  The "Like" button is front and center.  Click it.

4) "Follow" the Little White Cabin page.  To the right of the "Like" button, click on the ellipses (three dots).  Then click "Follow" in the drop-down menu.  This menu also allows you to invite your friends and introduce them to our books.  Please do.

5) Engage with posts.  Comment on our posts, or create your own posts that support what we do.  Post a pic of yourself with the book you bought and some note of what you thought of it. 

6) Send us a direct message.  Click the "Message" button and start up a conversation.  We enjoy meeting new people.


There are a lot of ways to do this:

1) Convince someone else to buy a book.  Remember, we have all formats.

2) Buy a book as a gift for someone else.  Books make great gifts.

3) Share your copy with someone else.  Don't forget to ask for it back.

4) Buy a book to donate to your local library.  Or recommend they buy a copy.

5) Recommend the book to a book club or book reviewer.

Thanks!  And let us know of any success you have in spreading the word.  We'll definitely post it in the blog.