A thorny rose

He lies inert, unaware on his hospital bed, a victim of violence at the hands of someone close to him. That relationship, and the condition in which he was left and too much later found, make it vastly more grotesque and confounding than if it had been just another brutal mugging by a stranger in a big city.

He had found new love in the past few years, and by all accounts was happier than he had been in a long time. He had retired from a long career of good work. He was just helping someone who was not happy. They say he is in a vegetative state now. They say he will soon die of his wounds.

The Other one is in jail. Soon the charges may go from aggravated assault to murder. An insanity plea may influence the path taken from here; there is a history. I remember you as child. What happened to you? How did such evil enter your heart? Do you even know? Moreover, what dark legacy have you left your own children? Can you even entertain such thoughts, or do they simply dissolve in the vat of acid your mind has become?

Forgiveness can be such a thorny rose.


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