ACX Problems

Y'know, it's a funny thing. To get so stoked with that proud little fire when the Gatekeeper says, "You may pass!" and you head into Gold City only to discover that the Gatekeeper has accidentally sprayed dirty motor oil on that nice white shirt he required you to wear for passage.

ACX is the company (or functional unit of Amazon?) that manages the process of uploading and distributing audiobooks through Audible. They required that each chapter, the "front matter" and the "back matter" be uploaded in separate files. (The front matter contains only the title of the book and the name of the author; the back matter contains the words "the end" and some other information about copyright, etc.) So I did that. And I named each file according to the chapter number or "front matter" and "back matter". I did everything as ACX required.

So when the book came out, I discovered that ACX simply listed each file as a Chapter, so in the Table of Contents of the audiobook, the front matter file is called "Chapter 1", Chapter 1 is called "Chapter 2," etc. So now the audiobook, according to the TOC generated by ACX, has 33 chapters instead of the 31 it's supposed to have, and each chapter is off by one.

iTunes did something similar (but better) in that it simply names the files as if they compose an album: front matter = "Track 1," Chapter 1 = "Track 2," etc. Better than Amazon, but not good. Still, it's frustrating that these platform gods require a level of attention to detail on the part of the artist that they don't themselves practice.

I have sent a message to ACX about this. We'll see if they do anything about it. Livin' on Gatekeeper time is a pain. Will see about a DIY alternative to ACX/Audible.


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