Back in the saddle with chaps

Remember, O my beloveds, the gash of late June? The vicious bite of the very implement of destruction you see herewith? Now hear this: Cabineers dinnae hide in their house forever after nigh cutting off their fool leg! Nae, we don our chaps, we cry havoc and we let slip the saws of war. Why, we don't even comb our hairs, for we're lumberjacks and we're OK. Beware, trees, privet, and sundry plant life. Beware.


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I have an old Kubota tractor and an older Rhino PTO mower for the 3-point hitch. Both have been beaten like Keith Moon's drum kit in the tree farm--bashed, broken, and every which way spindled, folde

Some of the two-by joists from the rotten back deck at the rental house we bought were salvageable, so I put them to use rebuilding the old tractor shed here at the farm. The old shed had an asphalt

There's a famous episode from the old TV sitcom "WKRP in Cincinatti" in which the station's uber-dweeby weatherman Les Nessman arranges for live turkeys to be dropped from a helicopter for a Thanksgiv