Back in the saddle with chaps

Remember, O my beloveds, the gash of late June? The vicious bite of the very implement of destruction you see herewith? Now hear this: Cabineers dinnae hide in their house forever after nigh cutting off their fool leg! Nae, we don our chaps, we cry havoc and we let slip the saws of war. Why, we don't even comb our hairs, for we're lumberjacks and we're OK. Beware, trees, privet, and sundry plant life. Beware.


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THEY SAY A DOG'S A MAN'S BEST FRIEND, and that may be true, but I'm here to tell you it can be an irritatin' relationship, sho'nuff. We once had a dog named Pico, a brown and black mutt we picked up a


I WAS STANDING IN MY GARAGE AT SIX THIS MORNING WHEN I HEARD A FAMILIAR SCREAM. I ran out to the driveway to watch a fawn run in terror across my front lawn and driveway, screaming as it passed ten