Be in Roanoke, Saturday April 2

Bridging the Gap Community Services will be sponsoring a Marketplace in Roanoke, Alabama on April 2, and Little White Cabin will be there with hot-off-the-press copies of The Book of Cain, The Relic, and Rufus to quench your thirst for a great story. We'll have a booth on the inside, so come on in out of the sun (or rain, as the case may be) and bag yourself an autographed copy.

Try something different from the standard arts & crafts fare. See you there.

And don't forget to mosey up to Anniston the following Saturday, April 9, for the Noble Street Festival. As local events go, it's a big'un, and a wonderful way to spend a balmy spring day. We'll have our booth there, too. Make it a date.


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