We've added a new gallery. Cabinalia will feature pics of the Little White Cabin and its bonnie surrounds, with a wholesome dose of God's handiwork to beautify our otherwise earthen artistry. (Click up on the "Look" menu and wiggle your way there.) We'll add pics as we find'em or take'em, so dinna be shy! Come on by ever oncet in a while! (While you're here, be a chum and a lover of literature and buy a book!)


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All sciencey 'n stuff

A while back, I posted links to articles about ivermectin and EXO-CD24 as potential treatments for the Wu-flu. Previously I had posted links to articles on HCQ/Zn, famotidine, REGEN-COV, and some oth

"...indistinguishable from magic."

In the early part of the 20th Century, primitive tribesmen in the South Pacific saw Westerners come into their islands, build airfields, and receive airplanes from the sky that disgorged all kinds of