Call for Reviews!

Hi, folks. A little bleg on the blog, if you don't mind. There's nothing like a bunch of good reviews on Amazon or Goodreads to help make The Book of Cain a success. So if you've read and enjoyed the book, and you'd like to help a friendly (and dashing) new author, please click on over to the Amazon and/or Goodreads page and drop a review. Only takes a minute and it will mean a lot to the future of the Little White Cabin as a publisher, and to me as a working writer.

Here's the link for Amazon Here's the link for Goodreads

Also, following me as an author on Amazon or Goodreads can be a big help, so I'd appreciate that as well. (It only takes a click. Really! Try it, it's fun!)

Oh, and if you already have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can get The Book of Cain for free (well, as part of the subscription, anyway).

Remember, it's quick, it only takes a click... GO!


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