Cheapskate junkman tinker belladonna

Got the moolah but not the will, long as there's junk cluttering up the place, he ain't gonna buy something new and standard and practical and all. He's gonna make something. He's gonna assign his hallucinating head gerbil the task of coming up with a design. He's a fool and he knows it cuz he's done it a million times before with nine outta ten abject failures and one passable result to keep him chasing that mangy tail round and round.

But he don't wanna look the same as everybody else. He's proud like that. And it's gotta be cheap. It's gotta be made of nothing but junk pieces and parts that've been lying around the property driving down its value year after year.

He ain't gonna go to Walmart and buy one of them folding accordion style booth canopies and set up some plastic folding table under it to set his products on like everybody else. Nah, it's gotta be that cheapskate junkman tinker belladonna fashion item that stands out like a drunken barefoot hillbilly at a hoity toity soiree in town.

It's the belladonna that does it. That, or the toadstool in wormwood that The Relic had. One or t'other.


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