COVID Treatments

Our health bureaucracies and social media moguls seem to have taken a "vaccine or bust" approach to COVID-19, banning, badmouthing or ignoring treatments like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine/zinc. Hospitals deny patient requests for these off-label treatments with the excuse that the FDA hasn't approved them; and when granny dies, well, at least her death had the Dr. Fauci seal of approval. (Yeah, I know, he's NIAID, not FDA, but he's the public face of the government's COVID response.)

I think of this every time I see our health overlords and their obedient followers nag people about vaccines and masks and lockdowns and overloaded ICUs. "Our ICUs are full of the unvaccinated!" OK, so what treatments are you giving them, and what treatments are you avoiding? The fact is, with a good, affordable treatment, the "need" for a vaccine would be greatly lessened. There would still be a place for it, but not for vaccination passports and mandates, employment and education restrictions, shaming rituals and the rest.

Anyway, I like to post news articles on promising treatments, and here are two from the Jerusalem Post. The first one is about something called EXO-CD24, which works to very specifically prevent the "cytokine storm" that occurs when the body's own immune system greatly overreacts to the viral infection in the lungs. The current treatment uses steroids for that, but they depress the entire immune system while EXO-CD24 targets only the protein directly responsible for the cytokine storm (as I understand it).

The second story is about a double blind study that adds to the developing body of research showing that ivermectin reduces the duration and infectiousness of COVID-19. This story also touches on the fact that Merck, the pharma that manufactures ivermectin, doesn't seek approval for using it to treat COVID, but also doesn't care to study ivermectin's use for COVID on its own, the way a growing number of medical researchers around the world have. Merck was in the COVID vaccine race until early this year; now I believe it helps manufacture Johnson & Johnson's vaccine. Ivermectin is cheap. New vaccines are not. But I don't know if that had anything to do with the company's decision.


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