Farcebook Reject (Updated)

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I don't know if this is weird, or should be expected by a more seasoned social media maven. I tried to establish The Book of Cain and The Relic as "products" on our Little White Cabin Facebook page. They accepted Cain but rejected The Relic, and I have absolutely no idea why. Their notice doesn't give a clue, so I have posted an appeal. We'll see what happens.

Posting the books as products just gives customers on Facebook an easy view of the item, the cost, and provides a link to Amazon. What evil offense the algorithm detected (it took only seconds to get rejected) is a mystery. And here I am, getting ready for the Decatur Book Festival. Great time for Facebook to arbitrarily throw a wrench into the works.

UPDATE: Without explanation, FB corrected its rejection. The Relic is now listed as a product on the Little White Cabin page. Contraband no more!


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