Farcebook's LOLGF Meme Factory

Somewhere in the bowels of the Zuckerborg, an assembly line of Facebots running on the company's proprietary LOLGF operating system produces memes with grotesquely mismatched images and text to make all its meme-slinging meat-puppet datasets look even more foolish than they would on their own. To wit:

Feeling crushed? Need an injection of spirit to brighten your prospects? Grab yourself a little uplift from a gang of thugs haunting the mean streets of Birmingham, England circa 1890. The lads of Peaky Blinders found inspiration in using a shiv, a garrote, a blackjack to relieve their unsuspecting victims of a few quid. So if you're feeling down and low, go on, be transformed. Take on that cool, menacing, self confident look of a transgangster.

It's a powerful place, the Farcebook news feed, innit?