That one who is at home in the fire room of a ship, the road smoking with molten asphalt, the blacksmith's forge, the galley oven, the burn pile...

... holds tightly what we would drop from blistered hands, stands still wherefrom we would run for our lives, churns at vital labors unseen.

From the gallery, Portrait of the Artist as a Jung Man.


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A while back, I posted links to articles about ivermectin and EXO-CD24 as potential treatments for the Wu-flu. Previously I had posted links to articles on HCQ/Zn, famotidine, REGEN-COV, and some oth

"...indistinguishable from magic."

In the early part of the 20th Century, primitive tribesmen in the South Pacific saw Westerners come into their islands, build airfields, and receive airplanes from the sky that disgorged all kinds of