Posters, lookin' sharp

Unveiling now a series of posters to show Little White Cabin's offerings and story--just in time to display at the Decatur Book Festival on Labor Day weekend in Decatur, Georgia. There's one each for our books, The Book of Cain and The Relic, one for Oscar's podcast, one for my EP House on Fire, and one telling the story of how the Little White Cabin came to be.

For those of you interested in the sausage-making, we established an 18x24" PowerPoint slide for each, arranged the art and sized the text box accordingly, then exported it as a PDF and uploaded that into Their tool didn't convert some of our larger text fonts well, so we used fonts provided on the site, and that seemed to work well. Still, Signs gave us a warning that some of our fonts should be framed, but the proof viewer showed the result to be OK, so we just went with it. Turned out fine.

When you come to the Festival, look for our new posters at Exhibit Booth 440. Hope to see you there.


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