Song recording session: 1/30

Thanks to a Christmas gift from my lovely and generous daughter, Ava, I'll be heading to Ashland (Alabama) next Wednesday to record a few songs at Hornsby Productions. John Hornsby will add some production magic that will give the pieces some much needed flavor. I'll post the songs on the music page at when they're ready.

I'm stoked. When you're a singer-songwriter of limited instrumental skills (Hi!), having pros work with you is pretty heady. The last time I recorded in an actual studio was several years ago at Shangri-La in Lexington, KY (again, the beneficiary of a gift from a daughter--that time, Armida, my oldest). My producer then was J. Tom Hnatow, who this past year has been busy recording and touring with Horsefeathers. That effort can be heard on the music page on the "House on Fire" EP. Fiddle: Maggie Lander; Piano: Meghan Hodges; Bass: Tom Hnatow; Percussion: Robby Cosenza. What a pleasure that was.


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