Take it with me when I go

I've long been a fan of Tom Waits. I doubt there have been two more perfect albums "pressed on vinyl" than Rain Dogs and Mule Variations. I think he once described his songs, especially his early pieces, as being either "grim reapers or grand weepers," and that may be as close to true as the man gets in interviews, but it doesn't diminish the richness and variety of his work.

It would be real hard for me to come up with a favorite Tom Waits song, or even a handful of them, but sometimes I think if I were to choose one to play at my funeral, it would be this one. Take a listen. If you care to, find the lyrics online to read while you're listening. And if you have loved someone for a long, long time, you might want to bring a hanky.

The last lines are:

In the land there's a town

And in that town there's a house

And in that house there's a woman

And in that woman is a heart I love

I'm gonna take it with me when I go.


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