The Cabin in Decatur

Another first for Little White Cabin: our first book festival showing is done and logged as a qualified success. We sold some books (not enough to break even), made some friends, spread the word of our "stories, songs, and marvels" and won a valuable experience that'll make us better at this game as we learn our lessons and strive higher.

Possibly my favorite part of the whole deal: A family stopped by our booth and we engaged them in a lively conversation about our books, writing, music, and even the skulls and snake skins we had scattered on our table for cabin-style ambience.

The littlest of the kids showed some interest in the listening station we had set up for folks to hear our songs and podcast, so Armida put the headphones on her and played my song, "House on Fire." The girl listened intently and even started singing along to the refrain, "I was born in a house on fire..." repeatedly.

Lemme tellya, that really touched me. To have someone young and without guile make that kind of genuine connection with my work is a thrill. This beautiful family bought two books (one Cain and one Relic) and seemed so enthusiastic about getting my author's signature that I'm tempted to stay in this writing/publishing game a while longer.

Exhibiting one's work at this kind of affair can be a humbling experience of a hundred people passing by without a glance, twenty more with a glance and mouthing "Little White Cabin" as they read the banner, ten more who stop to read the posters or book blurbs and take a bookmark, five who chat us up but don't buy anything... and then one whose curiosity and interest translate into breaking out the purse on the faith that what we have to offer will be worth it.

I have to add: the presence of family and friends who come to support you in this sort of event is something to treasure. I do, and always will.

Now, back to that dank room where the marketing sausage is made. Time to learn how to pitch. (Literary sausage stuffs a lot of metaphors in the skin, sho'nuff.)

Editor-in-Chief and marketing maven Armida Lowe holding fort before the crowds came.


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