Tuscan Tilapia

Updated: May 3

This here's my own recipe I mashed up from a variety of cream-sauce recipes I found on YouTube, mostly dealing with chicken dishes.

Coat the tilapia in seasoned flour. I used Kentucky Kernel.

Fry 'em up in a skillet with some butter and a little olive oil til they're golden, and purt much cooked through. Take 'em out and lay 'em on a plate.

Pour some Marsala cooking wine in the skillet. I don't know, maybe a quarter cup or so. Or a third. Whatever floats your boat. More than just a splash. Reduce it til it's just a thin layer in the skillet.

Put maybe a tablespoon of butter in the middle of the skillet. When it melts put right on it a teaspoon or so of chopped garlic. I use the kind that comes in the little jar.

Add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes and some lemon zest. Stir it up and saute it for a minute or two. Not too much, cuz the garlic'll burn, as you know.

Add some heavy cream, maybe a cup, cup and a half. Let 'er come to a boil, lower the heat some so it simmers. Add salt and pepper; I used the grinder kind for both.

Let it simmer for a little bit (don't really have to reduce it much), then add grated or shredded Parmesan cheese. I think I used maybe a half cup. Don't overdo it; the sauce shouldn't be real cheesy-thick if you know what I mean.

Add the cooked tilapia to the simmering sauce. Then add enough baby spinach to fill the skillet, and cover. Let the spinach wilt, and lift the lid to nudge the spinach into the sauce for full wiltiness.

Serve with coconut ginger rice. I used the stuff from Vigo.

After soaking in the accolades for a bit, let your partner clean the kitchen.


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