What a trip!

Of all the stories my colleague and partner in crime, Oscar Bronx, has to tell (and they are legend), the one he just learned about his own life has got to be the most shocking. Oscar set out on a quest a week ago to forgive Falco, the psychopathic actress he called "Mom" when he was growing up, and from whose abusive cult he fled 40 years ago.

His quest was not looking promising. Though indigent, alone, and on her death bed in a public nursing home in New York, Falco was the same narcissistic psychopath she ever was--and the heartfelt forgiveness he wanted to experience didn't happen. His dream of fixing, once and for all, his "mommy issues" so he could find his own happiness with the woman he loves, seemed unreachable.

And then his friend and private investigator, Mickey, called him down to Norfolk, Virginia to learn something that would turn his entire life, and his quest, upside-down and inside-out. Lucky for us, Oscar agreed to log his experiences on his podcast, which includes telling personal stories of his childhood that he has kept secret for most of his life.

Click on over to his podcast, A New York Yankee in the Heart of Dixie, and take in all five installments of Episode 5 here, beginning with Episode 5-1 and ending with Episode 5-5. Each segment is about a half-hour long, so settle in for an amazing storytelling experience.

When you're done, check out his other episodes, and keep coming back as he adds more.


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