Yo, y’all, it’s me, Oscar!

Thank you, second, and all the black gang grease monkeys and deck apes and hash slingers at the Little White Cabin for the welcome and the opportunity to host this podcast.

Man, it was like drawing a straight flush when I discovered that the second (Jeff) had set up shop in Randolph County, not far from the catfish restaurant I’ve come to call home. There’s nothing like an old friendship rekindled after, what, 35 years apart. Beautiful.

Oh, and for you landlubbers out there, I refer to Jeff as “second” because he was second assistant engineer on the ship where we met so long ago. Here at the Little White Cabin he’s the “Big Boss” so I’ll have to get used to calling him boss (and he’ll have to get used to hearing it; he hates that stuff).

Let me sign off this post with a couple recommedations: first, listen to my podcast, A New York Yankee in the Heart of Dixie; second, go to Amazon and buy Jeff’s book, The Book of Cain. Marvelous, marvelous read.

Don’t be a stranger. Come visit often.



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