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by Jeff Lowe

ISBN 978-1-949585-02-5

283 Pages

Five years after her parents were murdered by their foster child in Alabama, Rose Grissom got a mysterious package in the mail, seemingly from someone long dead.  The contents of the package filled her with the suffocating fear that her parents' killer did not act alone, but was part of a boogeyman cult that had now turned its murderous gaze on her and her young family. 


She was determined not to live in fear.  And so she would go back down to the scene of the crime to solve the mystery of Rufus.  He was supposed to be just a legend, a boogeyman tale, nothing more.  But down in Crockett County, Alabama, in a swamp known as Hell's Back Forty, the blue-tail flies would tell a different story.

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"Rufus is a nightmare for the woke..."

In rural Crockett County, Alabama: A mentally impaired, homeless black man, brutalized by a white cop.  A viral video.  A protest that pits a group of bused-in social justice activists against a heavily armed local militia.  Four young men, once teammates and the best of friends, now mortal enemies in that conflict.  And a mysterious boogeyman that sneaks out of a cursed swamp known as Hell’s Back Forty to snatch an innocent child and light the fuse of a race war.